On the Other End.

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:35

''Kids!,'' my mom yells from downstaris, ''Food is ready!'' My moms voice seems faniter then usual, but I think nothing of it. I swing my door open, then see Amanda's golden blonde hair in the corner of my eye. We always race down the stairs to see who gets to the kitchen first. So I run past her, speedy fast, making sure my shoulder brushes up against hers so she knowns i'm not messing around. I get to the second to the last step, gazing behind me expecting to her to be practically touching me, but she isn't. Infact, she's still at the top of the stairs. ''No race today?'' I say as I wait for her to catch up. ''No. Not today kiddo.'' My sister always says that to me. Even if she's in a bad mood. It gives me a warm gushy feeling inside. I shrug and continue walking to the kitchen. ''It's your favorite.'' My mom says bringing two plates full of green pasta in the living room. And it actually was. Gotta love me some green pasta. I grabbed a plate and gooped on a big chunk of pasta, and garlic bread. I followed Amanda in the living room were we usually eat, and plopped myself down right in the middle of the couch. ''Annika, toss me the remote.'' ''Can you put it on Nickelodeon? There's a new show out and-'' she cut me off. ''We're watching the news tonight, okay?'' ''Mom please.'' ''Annika.'' Her voice seemed shacky and low, almost like she was whispering. So I stopped arguing. She switched it to channel 9. The screen cuts to a news reporter, outside. It was pitch black. He seemed to be jittering. Cold maybe? Who knows. He was rammbling on about technology, then it cuts to a black screen. Then after about a second, it cuts to the reporter yelling intensly into the micrphone. It was like it's jibberish. ''What's he saying?'' Amanda says to my mom. Her voice started to seem just as shaky as mom's. ''Not sure. Listen.'' We all watch closely. He screaming gets louder, then cuts to the black screen again. The silence in the room seemed more powerful then a million words.