Who is on the phone

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:35


One morning I woke up to the phone ringing, I got up put my slippers on and headed down the stairs. When I get to the phone, I pick it up but, there was no one on the other end. I thought to myself must just be a prank call or they called the wrong number. So I go back up the stairs trying not to fall over my car because i'm so tired, I open my bedroom door and right when im getting ready to change for school the phone rings. I run back down the stairs once again trying not to fall over my cat, I pick up the phone and once again silence. I walk up the stairs again this time stomping my feet I get to my room get ready for school and head downstairs to get something to eat, So I decided to have some eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast, I made my food and right when I go to sit down the phone rings, I get up to answer the phone and guess what know one was there, I go back to sit and I look at my plate and half of my food is gone. I look around to to find my cat to see if he ate it but, when I find him he is fast asleep on the stairs were he had been all morning. I grab my backpack and my keys and right as I'm walking out the door the phone rings I Sprint to the phone, I pick it up and this time someone is on the other end but what the person said next made me want to jump out of my own skin they said "turn around". I listen and I turn around and when I do the person I see standing in front of me is my dad back from one of his long work trips, I jump into his arms so happy to see him but after i'm done hugging him I yell at him for scaring me. I later asked my dad why he called so many times and his repose to that question was something I wasn't expecting, he said what are you talking about I only called you once, then that is when I started to freak out, the next thing I know I wake up scared and shocked that this whole thing was a dream, it felt so real.