There goes my streaks.

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:32

Social Media, in this day and age social media controls are lives. With your morning starting with doing your streaks ,maybe posting a picture on instagram or sending a couple tweets. What if that was taken away from everyone... IF social media shut down it would shake the world. There would be kaos ,People would actually have talk to each other in real life, they couldn't brag about there trip to mexico or there Iphone X they just got for christmas. If you wanted someones number you would have to ask for it in, REAL LIFE, Thats right REAL LIFE. There would be no snapchat to ask out that girl you liked for 2 years. There would be no instagram to "slide into those DMS". There would be no bit-Emjoi so wouldn't have to type anything. There would be no twiter so you couldn't tweet about how crappy the new snapchat update is. Oh, and that 500 day streak you had is gone. As I said before complete Kaos.