There's a timing for everything

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:31

The thoughts that run through your head every day:

Why's she staring at me?

Why do they hate me? I hardly even know them. 

Why would someone like me?

Why did my life turn out this way? 

After losing someone all those thoughts go to waste, because the only 

thoughts you're thinking is what your next step is gonna be whether if 

you take that step alone or with someone you love. Who's gonna be 

there in her/his spot. Can I even do this anymore? 

I always wanted to be that kid who has perfect grades, and still 

manages to have friends. All that time I was thinking about my future 

the present wasn't in my mind. The one I loved the most left me while I

I was so concerned with the future I didn't even know I would have. 

You take chances you don't even know you can risk. 

The things I tell/ask my self every day now:

Is this worth it? Make good choices.

I'm loved as much as I need to be filled!

Care for those that care about you too. Make sure it's real.

The things that have happened to me in life no one ever deserves, but 

since I got brought this difficult road, I'm not gonna give up because 

life is here for the journies.