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today has been the best day of my life, but it has also been the most odd. I started off my day getting groceries for my mom and I got her favorite food which is lobster but I also got cake for desert. that afternon I was eating the cake and heard a werid buzzing like a cell phone sound. It was coming from the CAKE! I was very very worried that someone has lost there phone in my cake but it was a  shocking suprise the telephone kept saying turn around. SO I did and there standing was the president of the united states he said "You Mr. Nobody have won the most invisable person award  which is being the most invisabel personal you could be not be popular just to be Yourself in you own home". No one knew I egisted other than my mom and my dad who died two years ago in the military. I asked the president one thing  that he could do for me and that was let me Have my dad back. Mr.Presiden said he never even died he was working to keep the USA the safest place in the world. I am the type of person to always forget stuff I was asking him a question how he knew I would pick the cake and I almost forgot to finish eating it! At that moment the whole entire enternet crashed and the reason the president was here was that he needed me of all people to help him get the internet back. Then my dad walked in the front door and i was mad but happy at the same time that has to be the most kind thing anyone has done for me. 




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