Bright Eyes

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:25

I came home from school one day and sat on my couch and ate chicken fingers. I was about to turn on my tv when my phone rang. My phone had said the call was a ¨No Caller ID¨ I thought to myself, ¨maybe its just one of my friends prank calling me¨ so I answered. I expected someone with a silly voice to answer and ask me if I left my furry underwear somewhere, but it wasnt. In fact it was a man. Or at least it sounded like one. He said, ¨turn around.¨ I hung up immedently and thought about calling my mom. This whole thing reminded me of the movie ¨Scream¨ where all those kids end up dying. I continued to watching Riverdale when he called AGAIN! I answered yelling, ¨WHAT"and he in return yelled, ¨TURN AROUND¨ I hung up and thought about what would happen if I actually DID turn around. I wasnt really about to be like those people in the movies so I didnt. But then he called AGAIN! I answered fourioslly, ¨WHAT DO YOU WANT¨ and then from my kitchen The song ¨Total Eclipse of the heart¨ started playing and I was SHOOK. I stood up steadily and walked slowly over to the kitchen. Then out of no where 3 of my friends popped up from behind my counter and started singing, ¨TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES. EVERY NOW AND THEN I FALL APART.¨ I couldnt believe it they were behind this. ¨I for real thought that someone was going to come and kidnap me¨ I told them. And then we all jammed out to the rest of the song like nobody was watching.