Social Media shutdown

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:25

On August 10 my friends and I were hanging out at my house, and if you didn't already know we were on our phones. The only app we use is any type of social media, the one we use the most is snapchat so we can talk to a bunch of other people. That night at midnight something strange happened, but I'll tell you about my day first. In the afternoon we got off our phones because they were glitching as if the power went out on our phones. We went swimming for a while, walked the dogs, talked, and as you know went back to check our phones. They were perfectly fine but instagram wasn't loading as well. We thought it was because of our internet, but what happened at midnight changes that. Lets fast forward because the rest of the day was as boring as watching a turtle move 5ft. So yes we stayed up late, isn't that what you do at a sleepover. Anyway we were all on snapchat when all of our phones turned off as quick as a fox. My friends of course flipped out, but it doesn't affect me much because i'd rather hang out with them in person, but to all the cell phone lovers its the end of the world. We all decided to go to sleep. 

The next day we checked and all and when I mean all I mean as if the population disapeared. All the social media apps G-O-N-E gone. They were going insane over this. We decided to take a break and wait it out. We went to town for groceries, but we found a load of people at the tech center. We asked a lady what was going on and she said, " all the apps these children use have dsapeared and people are going phyco over it, Im just here to watch these crazy animals attck these inoccent people that know nothing." My mom replies " Oh, so the thing that happeded to my daughter happend to these people." "Well, yes I guess so." We ended up not getting groceries and getting away from the zoo of people. 

Later that night the news called it " the social media shutdown, turning many in rage. Some complaining about their streaks or worried about not posting on time." My nany told me " These kids and technology dont have nothin' better to do." Then again the news, "the social media shutdown is going global, we have just recived a message from the president saying ' Social media has caused great damage and promoted suicides, we have dicided to shutdown social media completly.'" My nany mummbles, " damn children better get used to this, theres plenty to do." and so let the world explode.