Social Media

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:25

If there is ever a day where every social media apps would get deleted, I wouldn't be too happy. It would be a bad thing to get rid of social media. Over 100,000 kids in the USA get entertained by social media on their phones and if social media was to be gone, all those kids would flip., so if that got taken away it would ruin hundreds of kids lifes. For some people, social media is like goddess to them and they can't stay off of it or they'll die of boredom and get mad. They go on snapchat 24/7, but im not like that a ton. I go on social media at times when im bored (which is all the time) and i use it for the most of the time of my day, so if social media got deleted, i'd be pretty bored most of the day since i have nothing to do or go on and it would suck for me so i hope social media never gets deleted.