The ¨Unknown¨ caller

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:25

My bus stops for me to get off,  I am releived I don´t have to listen to the sound of kids anymore. The bus rolls away and my hands starts vibrating. I put the phone to my ear and answer it. What I heard made me want to get back on the screaming bus. ¨Turn around.¨I hear through my phone and in a distance.  I hesitated a litte before turnng around to see what was waiting behind me. Was it just some annyoing kid prank calling me? It sounded more deep then a high pitched noise of a brat. I was just probably hearing sounds. But what if someone was behind me? Wanting to kill me or kidnap me.  Should I run away now or turn around to see if someone is actaully there? i think about all the possible explanations of what could be behind me until I turn around. Nothing. Nothing was there. I sigh in releif that it was just a noise I heard. I turn back around and yelp. Somone was right infront of me. A man, with brown hair and blue eyes. Kind of hairy, but very tall. My eyes were definatly seeing things because the man started laughing. My heart was pounding, and I didn´t know what was going on. I got back into my life and what i saw wasn´t a man ar all. It was my brother who was there. He was the mysterious voice that I heard through my phone. He was the one who had tricked me into thinking it was a killer or kidnapper. My heartbeat went back to normal, and I gave a small hit to my brothers arm. As we walked down the driveway my brother´s phones starts to ring, I heard what this unknown caller said to my brother. We both looked at eachither and didn not hesitate. We ran to the house as fast as we could.