Don't open the bag.

"So what did you find in the dump this time?"My uncle asked me as I walked in the door.

"Why do you care?"I said plopping down my tattered backpack.He didn't answer.The silence wasn't the only thing that worried me,my uncle adopted me after both of my parents died he said that they died in a car crash but I feel like there is more to the story like he was somehow involved in my parents death.

"You're right I don't,but you've been gone for over 3 hours."he said.

I was robbing a bank.I thought to myself.It is true and I was sure he knew it. He planned to rob the same bank with is so called '"friends".The next day I wen't outside of my room to grab my backpack full of money but it was gone.

"Looking for this"he said holding my backpack.

Oh no!

"I wouldn't open that bag."I said.

"I all ready have ." My uncle said.