What is there was no social media?

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:24

What if there was no social media? All the friends that we have from other schools would be gone. You would never get to see them. You wouldn't know what was going on in the world except for your own town or city. If I didn't have social media I would literally go crazy. I practically live on my phone. I mean if there was no social media, we would have to memorize so many phone numbers and would have to call them, which is boring. When you have social media you can talk to multipe people at a time and see what their doing. Snapchat is really confusing now and it makes me want to delete it because of the new update, its so annoying. On instagram you can post things that you do and stuff and you can also see what other people are doing. In the summer time we would have to call our friends if we didn't have sicial media and that means that almost everybody would be on the phone. Nowadays, Snapchat, instagram, facebook, twitter, ect is how we communicate in this century. Like if you had a boyfriend or a best friend that went to another school, and the social media shut down then you could have no way to contact them because most people don't memorize phone numbers anymore, they memorize there snapchat or instagram username. I talk to most of my friends over snapchat and never on the phone. I only talk on the phone with my older family members because they text really slow and it annoys me. I hate slow texters like type faster or I will delete you. I mean if the social media shut down that means that we would still be able to text but just texting over messages gets boring sometimes. I would be out of touch with most of my friends because I have lots of friends at other schools and I dont have most of there contacts. When I go on my phone I always go on snapchat and I talk to a lot of people, so if social media shut down I would basically loose all my friends. Yeah this generation is addicted to there phones but we talk to a lot of people on our phones.