The Mysterious Imaginary Friend

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Today was like any other day. The sun was shining like fire blazing in the night. The air was fresh and crisp fulling me with delight. I walk to my place in the forest. Me and my faimly where on vacation and I found a beutiful place to where I could relax and not worry. So I thought. I wakl over follow the trail that I made and I come to a water fall. As it flowed into the pond making a soothing sound I sit back on a tree and close me eyes. I think about home back in Vermont. How my friends are doing on the summer day. I open my eyes and I see a wierd face looking at me. It has a tail and lots of hair. It had a wierd color and pattern. I get up and walk over to it. I reach out and then... its gone. I look around thinking that it was real. I just told myslef it was my imagination. So I go back so I could grab my swim suit for me to go swimming. Thats when I herd the noise. It was like  meow from a cat,but louder. I hurry and get to the cabbin my family and I where staying in.

" Hey Travis, you ok, you seem like you have seen a something like a bear that was chasing you."

" Yeah I-Im  good"

I walk up to my room so I could lay down. I decieded to stay here for a bit before going back. Then I hear footsteps coming up. My door opens and the a big looking cat walking in. I reach to touch it and it felt like the softest thing ever.

" Hello Travis."

I step back forgetting my bed was there. I fall backwards into my bed and keep backing up.

" Whats the matter? Don't you remember me from the water fall?"

He was that thing that made that noise. That wierd thing that looked at me. Whatever this thing was it looked like a big cat that does no harm.

" Y-yeah I remember. Why did you look at me then. what even are you?"

I get off my bed to get closer for an answer but he just dissapaers again.

" Well im your imagenary friend."

I wip around to find him sitting on my bed. You had a long fluffy tail. He had black and red colors. His eyes where a violet.

" I-Imargenary friend? I don't understand."

" Well I am here to make you happy. To be your giud through life."

" Well then if thats so how doy uo know my name?"

" You created me. Thats how we are born."

" umm ok. hwats your name?"

" I don't have a name. That is up to you to decide a name for me. After all I am a cat. Arn't you humans suppose to give your pets names?"

" Your not my pet. You an imargenary thing that just came out of no where!"

" Thats right. And?"

" Cats don't do that!"

" I know im not purrfect. I was just asking. But if your not feline up to the job then i won't have a name."

" Worst puns ever."

" meow."


I think about what name I should give to him. What would be a good name for a big cat.

" I know ash!"

" Ash? thats a new name I have never herd before."

" Travis who you talking to?"

" No one dad!"

" just a big talking cat."

" you stay out of this."

" Ok so you pick Ash?"

" yeah it matches your blck fur that you have. Plus it suits you."

" You can put on names like suits. What will the world think of next."

I laugh. He is really funny. I wonder though if I can do something.

" So if your my imagenary friend then I can change you?"

" Only on how I look."

I start to change colors on him.

" Woah stop it. I am not some rainbow that you can just do anything with!"

" ok ok. Your name now is Ash."

" Ok"

" Hey Ash do you like to swim?"

" not really why?"

" I put on my swimming gear.

" Lets go swimming!"

" No no no no. Im a cat I hate water. You can't force me to go swimming."

" It not that bad come on. or are you a scardy cat?"

" Why I otta!"

I run to the door.

" Mom dad I am going swimming at the falls."

I run not stoping. I look behind me and I don't see Ash. I loom ahead of me and I still see nothing. I look up.

" Hows life down there."

" You can jump tree to tree?!?"

" Yup. Beat you there!"

I run as fast as I can the wind in my face make me feel like the wind. I see Ash up ahead. I think of a distraction for him so I could win." Hey I found a bird for you!"

" Where?"

I run while he was looking for the bird. I was in the lead! I keep running until I fall into the pond. I was to bussy trying to win the race I fell into the pond already. I look over and I see Ash looking at me.

" dang it you win I gess."

" Look behind you."

Ash looks and I spash water on him. They look he gave me was so funny I fall back in the water laughing.

" You face! Its to funny."

He spashes a wave of water on me.

" yeah uhuh."

I get up from being in the wave of water that rushed over me.

" Oh its on."

After I wake up from the dream. I look around in my room. Ash was gone. I look at the bottem of my bed and there he was. Sleeping away. I gess that day really did happen.