Lost friend

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:22

 (gore warning ⚠️) by Brailee Kelley 
Me and my best friend Jasper have been going to this summer camp for at least two years together, it isn’t exactly a good place for kids but the kids can be nice. two years ago this is actually where I met Jasper.
My name is Emily I have blonde hair that fades into a pink and icy blue eyes that looks like they are glowing and I wear a light pink hoodie with my camp uniform shirt underneath and white jeans and white shoes that I can usually keep perfectly clean.
My best friend Jasper wears a long sleeve purple flannel with his sleeves rolled up and his camp shirt over it and dark blue shorts with a lighter color of blue triangles on them he has grayish blue eyes and olive/dirty blonde hair and he has la gear light up shoes he might as well come from the 90s with how he talks looks and acts.
We have gone to this awful camp for years but the only reason we still come is because we live all the way across the country from each other and we can’t stand to be apart for so long we have been talking over the phone, texting, and we have Skype calls all the time but this year was different and in a bad way because the year took a turn for the worst Jasper has become the best camper and he calls me up on stage to give me some credit so of course I go up and stand next to Jasper. “Leaving it on a cliffhanger comment if you want a part two!”