Dear Trump

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:22

Dear President Trump, 

You are charge of a country it is a big job, and you have a lot to work on. 
There have been marches everywhere do you even notice or care. Climate change might be a huge problem for you to take in but is a problem and taking many species of the endangered list just by the way won’t  help at all. And could you at least say one nice thing a day, like literally. The women’s march a huge act of freedom did you do anything to help their needs and wishes the millions only wanted one thing fundamental rights, did you answer them or even help….no, there were even people in Antarctica! I know Bernie is your enemy but if you took advice from him I wouldn’t be protesting you, and you might act like a country leader for once. I know you are kind of trying your hardest but what if you stepped in other people’s shoes for a while. And if you can’t change with all of this advice give your position up to Bernie, even though you should be impeached by now with all of your horrible actions. 


Yours sincerely,