Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:14

It's like no one sees you when you walk into the building. It's almost like you don't exsist anymore. You've fallen of the planet, no one takes the time to notice the way you look, how your feeling or even if you are paying attention to them. They don't care. It's always hard walking into a new building and not having people look up to even notice if your there or if the door just futtered. The funny thing is you tend to notice everything that other people dont notice about you and you start to feel invisable. No one talks to you, you become " the new person". They help you on the first day to get to know things  and your off on your own to survive or just become a ghost, non-excesting. When your invisable theres nothing you can do but stay there and don't bother anybody. When you walk in to a building and no one takes the time to notice you, it makes you feel invisable. When your considered " Invisable" time seems to tick on and on and nothing happens ,but you sit in silence thinking, wondering, wishing you weren't invisable. Sometimes you think things will get better, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't its all about what you make yourself invisable or not, you matter. You may feel invisable at sometimes in life but you gotta just put your foot out the door and make yourself " the spark you can be."