Dear Donald Trump

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:14

Dear president Trump,

The U.S population of women hate your guts. I do hope you know that. You are the worst persident America has ever had. Even Obama out ranks you. You are so cruel to say that we should bluid a wall and make the mexicans pay for it. Have you ever heard of a helping hand. Yes, i disagree that it is ok for them to take up all the jobs in america or bring drugs to america. But them selling drugs isnt our problem. As children we learn that if someone is bulling you them you walk away or act as if it doesnt bother you. They will leave you alone if you ignore them. They will give up. That is was mexico would do if we stop using there drugs. They are like big bullys, they will stop transporting drugs to america if we stop using them. That is a america issue. Not mexico's. And why would we build a wall if we all came from immigrents. You probably have french, or indian, or even irish in you. You ancesters came to america looking for a civilized place that they could call home. Yes, mexico has problems or there own and that is why mexicans are leaving. Back in the 1940's german, mostly jewish people. They left what they used to call home to america to eacape hitler and his army. Back when the first 13 colonies were formed, people who didnt want to live under the king's rules came to america to start a new life, with new rules. That is how we got our first president. If it wasnt for immigrantion, you wouldn't even be the president. You wouldn't even be born. If a child was born in the us then they should stay in the us it is there home just like it is yours' and mine. Everyone in the worl needs to get there head out of their butt and listen and help each other out. we only have one earth and we all need to share it. So get over your stupid self and deal with the fact that mexicans want to live in the the great and proud country of america. you should be happy that they like us so much. Not everyone does. We coukd have a great allience with them. America, Canada, and Mexico combined and we are a great team. If they take our jobs, then make new ones. Many people graduate college to start theri own business. They are thousands of jobs in the one idea in one person. Think of how many jobs there would be if they started those business. So let mexico come, them come and we go.