Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:11

Hello, Mr.President I would like to inform you that a message has come in from a local teen that needs you to do something for him here is his message. Hello, Mr.President I would like to ask you about the age you can start working. The offical age to start working is 15 wich I beilive is a bad age i think we should be able to work by the age of 14 because we have matured enough and know how things work at this time in our life and we need to be able to make money to buy things that our parents wont buy for us. As young kids we never want to work but now as we have gotten older we have started to use more money and need to pay for stuff and buy things for ourselfs without people bothering us about it. I beilive that as soon as you turn 14 you can legally get a job and work with average pay in the usa. The young comunity has been lowon money at this point in history and we need to buy our own things and pay for stuff that our parents cant. We (the kids) need to have jobs without worrying about taking money from our parents. Thank you Mr.president for reading my message.