Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:10

I felt invisible when I was walking down the hallway and teachers are saying hi to the people around me and not to me. I just kept walking in shock feeling like a ghost. Another time I felt invisible when I was asking the teacher for my password and everyone else gets there password but i'm just sitting there with my hand up as they just like don't see me and finally they see me when everyone else is already started there test and i'm just sitting there with my hand up waiting like I'm in some other universe and not in the classroom. Then finally after five minutes the teacher see's me and gives my password when the other students are already a quarter of the way through the test. Then I end up finishing fourth to last because of me just sitting there being invisible. Another time was when I was playing soccer and I was wide open just standing there while people around me were getting passed to and not me, again I felt like I was in some other world and just standing there like I was not even on the team!! Then when they scored a goal I didn't even get a high five or anything I just got called back to the bench.