tom hAs A bad time: a Short storie

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:07

It was a dork an stormy night an TOM TOMSON’S life it was pretty hard. It was hard cause when Tom is just a tiny tot some bad stuff happened an ever since Tom had just been a sad guy an deep in Tom’s heart Tom said to himself “I’m so sad” an Tom really is a sad guy. Tom’s friends called him Sad Guy Tom he was such a sad guy, but Tom didn’t like it when they called him that cause it just made Tom got sadder.

So anyway one day Tom was feeeling sad an so he went to the library to play video games cause the library they had the bestest video games that Tom really liked quite a lot, Tom did. Tom may have been a sad guy, but he was not all too shabby when it came to playing those video games they had there at library, so anyway, Tom went to the library an Tom said “Hi Librarian” an Tom played some of the video games they had there but it didn’t make Tom feel better even though Tom did pretty good at the games Tom beat his high score, an so Tom just cried a lot an sad tears lots of them came from out Tom’s sad eyes an it was sad cause Tom didn’t much like crying but Tom was doing it anyway cause Tom was so sad, Tom was.