I am A Musician

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:07

I am the one who tries to embrace music to its full potential. 
I am the one who prefers to express my emotions in music, rather than words.
I am the one one who bottles up my feelings, to let out through my instrument.
I am the one whose words are so often misunderstood, that sometimes, I feel as though they are useless to what I can show through my music. 
I am the one that would envelop myself in music if I could, and forget all the issues in my life, and of the world. 
I am the one who uses my instument as a mouth for what I cannot say.
I was the one who used music when I was attacked for things I could not control.
I am the one who turned all of that struggle into something beautiful.
I am a musician.   


(Reuploaded due to the fact I forgot to fill out info for potential publication)