Not so right about elves

My name is Jen Samani and this is the tale of how I learned that I was not so right about elves. I was walking through the forest with my best friend Charles and we were walking to my house. We were going through the forest because he literaly beged me to. We were argueing about what I thought was a mith of fable whatever you want to call it we were talking about elves that Charles thought lived in these very woods. We were talking he said "Jen your go-" when I cut him off and said "Elves are not real and if your so sure why don't you get some proof!" and thats when I fell into the hole. I went tumbleing in and at the bottem I saw a cave and my curiosity overtook me so I went in and what I saw amazed me there were little leges and little mushroom houses  were on them. and then I saw them they were small elves they wern't dressed like fairy tales mad them out to be the wore normal clothes just really tiny. And thats when Charles came down and started shouting "I told you so I told you so!" And I say "I guess I wasn't so right about elves."  The End