Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:40

Being invisible can have multiple meanings, the one I am going to describe is the most common. Walking through a hallway, where others brush past. Having no regard for you or your suroundings, you look up to one of these people walking by and maybe make a subtle remark or attempt to start a conversation. In return, all you get is a nice view of their back as they walk past. This is what it's like to be truley invisible, neglected or even forgoten about by society. There is no one to notice you as you walk through this hallway, a hallway that now seems never ending. A hallway that now makes you re-think yourself, a hallway that can't mask a depression. A hallway, that is hell. If you are lucky you brought music, music that will blend you in with the gray walls of the hallway. What's so wrong about joining the wall? It's sucked everyone else in, taking the color from them stealing their social ability. The grey walls are so inviting, the grey people look so cold. But the cold is better then the lonly walk of the hallway, the cold is better then what you are enduring right now. And grey is the most beautiful color in the world, the only one you want on your pallet. But why then, just minuets ago your favorite color was something livley and bright? And the cold was something that you hated, how could a hallway be so dark? Is the hallway the problem? Or is it you? The grey long hallway was my worst experience, and what i've described to you is what it felt like to walk this cold empty place. It is truley a hell, a hell that I wish no one else has to experience. So walk quickly before the walls take you as well.