people should appreciate youtube

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:30

If you go on youtube and say there is nothing cool about youtube, you need to know that actually you can watch anything on youtube. People should appreciate YouTube more.

One reason people should appreciate youtube   more is because you can learn anything,For example you can learn about some Creatures about the Sharks and more about fish and you can learn sign language. you might be thinking that you already know because your a fisherman but you don't know more about it of how to catch fish, where to get the fish, and what kind of bait to get to fish. please learn more about how to learn about fish.

Another reason people should appreciate YouTube more is because you can watch funny things, for example you can watch David Lopez. David lopez is a guy that makes funny things happened in his life. all so you can watch Moana screaming Maui. it's part of the movie but people edited to make this boys singing it in screaming. one night I was looking something that's                                                                                                                             crazy funny on YouTube I remembered when me and my sister watched this video i Thought to myself about him and  I looked up the video and I found what about it and I laugh and laughed and laughed. You might be thinking that it might not be that  funny but once you see it it's going to be very funny that it will open your eyes and start crying.

In conclusion...

believe me if you're trying to get a app buy YouTube you should check it out. try it out now!!!!!!!