The time I had Courage(;

This is about the time I had courage to go on a roller coaster.

I was at Disney World and I was scared to go on a roller coaster, I don't remember the name so lets call it the rocker. I was there with my parents and my friend and my friends parents (my mom was pregnant). It was night time and we all were going to go pick out our final ride for the night. We were walking around then we found the rocker and they all said " Oh that looks fun" but I on the other hand was not so sure. 

     we were all in line ( That was good) and we saw people get in a two person cart and leave for the roller coaster ride. I was so scared and I never thought I would never go on the ride. When came our turn my dad and I were about go on on then I was like "Acually I don't want on" but then he carried my on and we were going Long story short I loved it and we went on it 10 times The End.