Almost Invisible

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 09:59

I am almost invisible. I am but a face in the crowd, trying to get through life. No one really sees me. One person can see me but they try to control me. I latched on to the one person who could see, never noticing that they did not truly care, that they just wanted a follower, someone to take orders. I no longer feel invisible, yet I still am. They take control of my life, dictating who I could be. They pull me back in when I find something new, taking over every interest I have. Almost invisible, barely seen. I remember they days before I was invisible, when I would run and play with my dear friends before we drifted apart. Truthfully I may have not been invisible, meerly a floating face in the crowd, seen but in the backround. They pushed me away from my life, pulling me into their empty promises, their lies. I pretended to be happy, to act like nothing was bothering me, but everything was. The only person who could see me didn't see me, they only saw a follower, a servant, a slave. I now see it, I am still invisible, They are only a dictator. I try and pull away but they chase me. They try and pull me back. I run, still invisible. My salvation comes when they are forced away from me. They still try to control me but I am becoming more visible. My dear former friends take me in along with new ones. I am no longer invisible but they still chase me. Finally they are taken away, I no longer feel trapped. I am no longer almost invisible, I can be seen.