I walk by this sign everyday and it seems normal. But today, I have the sudden urge to follow it and see where it leads me to. After a while of thinking I decide to follow it and it points to a door covered in vines. I have to rip off all of them to get into it but eventually I'm able to open it up. But there is nothing on the other side, there's not even a ground to walk on. My mind keeps on telling me to jump, and I do... I wake up and see parmesan floating in the sky, as I look around, I see more parmesan floating in the sky. I look at the ground and it is covered in noodles. The trees are made from noodles and meatballs, and there is tomato sauce everywhere! I stand up and start down a pathway. In the distance, I see an outline of a building and as I get closer I realize the walls are made from noodles. When I get there I look up to see where the sun is and see a giant glowing meatball! All I see is noodles, meatballs and tomato sauce! Am i going crazy? I run to the building to see if the inside isn't made out of noodles and end up walking into a spaghetti factory. I see workers making spaghetti using spaghetti made tools. Is there anything besides spaghetti? Where do I leave this place? I walked through a door but didn't see one when I woke up. I need to get out of here. I run outside and here and alarm, a loud voice echoes through the sky saying, "acid parmesan is raining from the sky, get inside now!" I run back to the doors but they are locked! There is no other building in sight and there's only one pathway, and it's the one I came from. I find an umbrella next to the building and use it to cover myself from the acid parmesan. I start running back on the trail but the umbrella isn't holding up very well. The noodles are starting to rip apart. I get back to where I woke up and see a door on the hill. The umbrella has almost completely fallen apart and The parmesan is ripping the noodled floor apart! I only have the hill to run up now. As I start running up it, I step in a hole and trip over, the noodles are engulfing me, the more I try to escape, the more I get stuck, I take the uncooked noodles from the umbrella's pole and use it to cut the noodles so I can escape. I finally escape and get to the door and open it up. I fall back onto the ground. I made it out. I escaped the world of noodles.