Dexter day out

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 09:08

Hello my name is dexter. Some people say that I am smart and some say that I am SUPER DUPER average. I don’t believe them. The only person that I believe is my army operator that I was currently in an attack helicopter with on my way to a war.

“You look as nervous as a brave knight” The operator said

“I know i’m as sweaty as a dry towel” I said. Just then we landed in my backyard and I went inside to have a sandwich.  Bang! I rolled through the door guns out demanding a sandwich and just then a lion took me by surprise. I guess that what you get when you smell sweeter than a trash can. The lion bit into my arm I would defend myself but I don’t hurt animals. The lion sunk it’s human like teeth into my flesh. I shrieked. “This hurts as bad as a shower” I screamed. I lunged forward and died.