Turn around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 08:47

 I was on the bus home, my mom wasn’t at the bus stop like normal so I had to walk home by myself. I started to walk, slow just playing on my phone as I go. I see a car coming very slowly I figure it’s an elderly. As the car goes slowly past me we made direct eye contact, he smiled then started to go faster. I just brushed it off and started to walk a little faster. I was about half way home when I heard footsteps behind me. I started to speed walk hoping to get home safely. I heard “turn around” in the deepest voice I had ever heard. Now running I put my phone in my pocket and I hear again “turn around”. I made it home, wiping the sweat of my forehead. I quikely lock the door and run upstairs. I see a car a familiar car pull into my drive way. It was him. I hide in my closet, i don’t hear anything for about 20 minutes. So I come out of my closet to check if he’s still there. My back is turned against my room as I head for the downstairs window and I hear, “turn around”. He covered my mouth with a towel. Chloroform, I start to pass out but in my daze I hear one last time “turn around” in saw him, it was he who smiled at me in the car, the one who brought me back to my room, in the hospital where they thought I was insane. 

By Eisha McNaulty