Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 08:45

I have always been invisible to everyone. Sometimes im next to someone and they dont even notice me. It got worse when my little sister was born. I have practicly been invisible for 7 year sense my sister was born. Another reason I feel invisible is I have never had many friends so it makes it worse. I have never been popular i always only have 4 friends at the most. I try to make friends but it never works out I made a friend in florida but almost imidiatly after i had to move back to vermont. I have only have 1 friend right now. Other then her no one likes me. I have been invisible for my whole life so i dont ever have many friends. One other thing that makes it worse is i have moved so much I moved to florida for a couple years then moved back and in 2nd grade i moved back fo florida and in 6th grade i moved back to vermont. I am also really shy so i dont make many friends, another reason