Turn Around; this will be quick...

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I answer the phone quite quickly, as I am expecting a phone call from the writing society of America to see if they are going to give me an internship this summer. " Hello, this Jessica S Metiver, and I would yes, be delighted to come see you this summer. My mother doesn't really know I am going to be coming, but I am sure she will let me once she finds out that I am coming with YOU, AND YES, I AM SO EXCITED!" I am talking so quickly that I never leave time for the caller to talk, so, after I finish, I say, "may I ask who is calling" " I can't tell you that" a cold, hard, raspy voice echoes through the obviously outdated pink landline. I ask at least where he is calling, but all I get is a " Turn around, put your hands in the air, if you cooperate, this can be quick and as painless as possible." The plastic of the phone turns ice cold. I can feel the demeanor of the figure, that is undoubtedly behind me. My gut instinct is to turn around really quickly and make a run for it, but I simply can't will myself to do. Promptly, the phone is ripped out of my hands, and a large, heavy hand is wrapped around my mouth. I feel a sharp pain in my back, and the world goes black. I now know, that this was the day, I would learn to lie. The day I would learn to fight. The day a nieve little girl. obsessed with writing and Barbie dolls, would grow up. This would be the last day of the life I knew, the first day of a life I didn't, filled with pain, and filled with fear. 

Turn around... and...

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You took this prompt and ran with it! There's so much going on in this piece -- I love the way you begin with the Writing Society of America and then... things turn dark! Thanks for writing on Vermont Writes Day! You caught the spirit of it!