Papyrus's Spagetti

As I smell the home-cooked pasta as I walked in the room the best thing I have smelled since I was a little kid. The waiter wearing a red scarf walked over to show me to my seat. funny how strange I met him before I remember because his name tag said 'Papyrus' this is the strangest day of my life "oh Isaugo long time no see!" he finally noticed it was me! "yeah Papyrus, and hows your brother doing?" he perked up and smiled at me "Sans is doing well thanks" I haven't had a conversaiton with anyone since last year so I kinda am awkward around a lot of people. And I realized Papyrus was rushing over to greet Sans. He saw me and jumped a little like you do during a jumpscare. I walk over to them "hey Sans!" I smile, he scratched the back of his head "y-yeah Isaugo" Papyrus, Sans and I sat down and has his homemade spaggeti.

                                                                                                          The End!