The old house

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Chapter 1

The night was dark and rainy, as usual nights were in my neighborhood. I live on an old cobblestone street. All the houses faded and aged. Every house was only separated by a thin alley, and they echoed with my foot steps as I cut through them to get to my mailbox. Each house was gloomy in its own way, but there was one darker than the rest. I would walk by it every day when I went to and from school, and there was never a light to be seen inside those muddy windows. It has been empty of people for as long as I can remember, probably decades. As I neared my mailbox I saw the house come into view. There was something beautiful and elegant about it, but also mysterious and creepy. I looked up at the old, forever dark house that I have known for so many years, and smiled.


Something unexpected happened that night, something very odd and a little scary, happened in the dark shadows of my neighborhood. A lamp flickered on in the house.


Chapter 2

For a second I couldn’t believe what my eyes had witnessed. All the joy I had been feeling about the old elegant house faded away and now I was just plain scared. Was I imagining things? I don’t think I was…. But it just didn’t make sense. The house is old sagged, and probably infested with critters. It’s not possible for someone to live there, yet the light still looming in the window made me think otherwise.


I need to think about what just happened, and get some sleep. I was in complete shock. I take my mail from the mailbox, and I turn towards the direction of my driveway. I walk down my rocky road to my house, my mind buzzing with thoughts and theories. One thought keeps coming back, who is in the house, and why are they there?


Continued In Future Writings