Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 21:07

       The wind whistled through the crack of my window as it poured outside. I curled up in my bed pulling the blanket over my shoulders to stay warm. A loud bang like the sound of a gun stuck me upright in my bed. As I shook with fear and chilling winds, I got up from my bed and opened the creaking, squeaking door leading to the steep steps of the second floor. Another loud bang from outside felt so intense. It felt like it almost made the ground shake. I ran frantically down the stairs and put on my gray uggs and my jacket then went outside. I looked up at the dark gray, cloudy sky. The cold rain fell softly on my face. I walked down the street and saw a dark figure behind a tree in the woods. I wanted to take a closer look, so I walk towards the tree, then bang! It was completely dark and I was all alone, with no one to help. I felt lost. I felt trapped.