In a Flea Market I Found Fleas

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:54

In a flea market I found fleas, 

Oh please, don't read this, oh please, 

'Cause you might not like this hairy stuff, 

Unless you are very tough. 

I started walking around to see what they had,

They had lots of food that smelled bad, 

Then I looked around for clothes,

But I found a flea holding a rose. 

I also found a flea statue, 

It was dusty, so, achoo!

I now want to leave this market, 

I then noticed it was a dream,

So I woke up without a threat, 

But it felt like a real scene. 

Because it was! 

It was all real, 

I just daydreamed a little, 

I also found a wheel,

So I ran. 

I ran so far not to see, 

That I am a flea, 

I'm just scared of everything, 

and they call me, 'Chicken Without a Wing.'

But apparently, it was a dream.