The Black House

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:01

One day, Johnny and John were going on a hike. They got everything ready down to their lunch. May I remind you they had PB & J's for lunch. Yum! As they traveled farther and farther into the woods, they noticed that they were lost. They tried to check their phones to call somebody (no cell reception). They thought if they kept going, maybe they would find somebody. 

All of a sudden, they stumbled on a black house that looked abandoned. It was almost dark by the time they got there, so there was no turning back. They decided to stay the night. Hopefully, anyways, if nobody lived there-- *knock knock knock*. They didn't hear anything, so they opened the door. *creeeeeeak*. Once they were inside, they heard voices. 

"Last chance. You won't be able to leave after this."

They then got scared. They decided to leave. You could barely see, but they walked off the porch. They were surrounded by black creatures. They were tall. They didn't have any face. Only eyes. 

Johnny screamed. He was scared. They started to reach inward.

" don't hurt me."

Then it went back.

(to be continued)