It Won't Know

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 15:57

Today it will be,

a day of celebration.

a day of cheers.

for yet another child has taken their first breath.

Will they pray to god?

in hope for a safe sleep.

or will they choose the night,

of a child with wonders.

chances are,

the baby won't know who our president is.

the baby can't know,

That they might find a hole needing to fill,

with narcotics, alcohol, and pain.

the child won't know,

that as a teenager,

they might experience disabling anxiety,

and depression.

the baby can't know their best friend might abandon them,

for someone more popular.

the baby will only know how to shake a rattle

the baby won't know that woman still struggle for equal rights.

the baby won't know that the world is slowly depleating,

They will not know that we are trapping ourselves in a bubble of smog,

slowly killing each other without even knowing it.

the child can barely lift its head

how will it know

it's only the beginning 

of the end