courage is a vey importent thing i have not had a lot of courage in my past i have been getting more confined with my courage  and it is so much easery for mye and i apresharte have ing to be abel to stick up for my self also courage is something everyone has becaue without it you would not be at school getting egactiion or at home or even eating that is way everyone should have a little coureg in themselfs it is not hard going to school with a little courage or confined it may make things better for you and even going to school with a littel to much confined can feel nice as long as you don't make it bad and start to be rude so that is why i think courage is a really good thing to have even for me it is really good to have or i would not be at school and you would not be reading this that is why courage is a good thing even if you have a little extra courage so i really hope you like it.