The Spaghetti Mystery

This was weird. I walked past the spaghetti shop I walked past every day with my friends down town, but I was by myself this time. When I was with my friends, we never went inside. I don't know why, because we all loved noodles. It was a bit run down, I guess. But not that bad. One day, I just walked inside. I don't know why I did, but I just did. It felt weird, for some reason, to walk into a spaghetti shop. But it also felt good. Really good. Like something heavy had just been lifted off of my shoulders. I went and sat down on one of the musty old tables. The waiter came around a few minutes later and told me that she loved the food here. She said it was so good, that that was why she started working here. I ordered the only thing they had on the 'menu', which was 'traditional spaghetti and meatballs'. It took literally a split second until they had it in front of me. Right when I was about to take a bite of the spaghetti, my phone buzzed. I looked down with the fork still in my hand, and read the text. It was from my mom, no suprise, and she was wondering where I was. I ate the bite of spaghetti I had on my fork. Right after I did, I wanted to come back here again. You might call it a spell, an old trick, whatever. But I know that it was not genuine, but meant to happen.