The Rightful Owner

 Everything went black, People were talking, and I didn't know what to do. My name is James and it was the year 2020. I had to go to work, my job was a normal boring job, which was just sitting on a chair, doing paper work on a desk, and working for 12 hours. I put my boots, jacket, gloves, and hat and go outside. When I open the door I see about at least 10 cars where I was staring. But when I look to the left and right I see at least 100 cars now!

"ok, so maybe I shouldn't drive today," I say.

"Let's see what my other choices are, the bus, I can't breath at all, walking, it's about 2 hours by feet so no, the train, um I guess I can try."

When I remembered the last time I went on a train I was about 4 years old. Now I'm 36 years old. The closest train there was is 4 minutes away. So now I'm heading to the train. i finally get there and see mostly no one there. So I wait there but then I hear a whistle blow, a screeching noise, then I see it. The train. I close my ears because it's loud. The train door opens and start walking. I try finding a open seat. Then I see two guys with black jackets and a big bag there both carrying. Must've been super heavy. They both look around which makes no sense. There were initials that said M.L. on the bag.