The sound of the train rushes past them

They lift out of their warm, comfortable chairs

Mentally preparing for the trip ahead

As they walk out into the crisp, December air

They notice something

Underneath a snow covered bench

A singular, lonely bag

With no label and the looks of isolation

One of them reaches down

As the other suggests to leave

They peak in with a slight hesitation

As they spot the faces of Benjamin

They look at each other in uncertainty

Without a word they stuff the bag into their suitcase

And enter the awaiting train

They sit in their seats, wanting to feel the push of the train accelerating

Footsteps approach their seats

They take their tickets out for the conductor

A large man approaches the men in the seat

And speaks of seeing them stealing

They deny his statement

He lifts his overcoat

Revealing a concealed sidearm

And threatens the two men

Without hesitation the suitcase containing the bag

Is pushed towards the large man

Picked up, as he fades down the train cars hallway.