Lots of money

Every person wants to be rich

They always want more than they have

So where is the line

What is enough?


If you found a bag of money

What would you do?

Pay off a lone?

Put it in you savings?

Or maybe go on a vacation?


I’ll tell you what 2 men would do

Carle and steve are waiting for the train

They were going on a nice get away to New York

But they find a backpack

It contains $100000

They go insane.


They decide to see if they can go through one $100000

In one weekend.

And they try their hardest

They book the nicest hotels in New York.


They have a massive party with Kevin Hart.

It got crazy.

There was a lot of baking powder passed around.

When the morning approached

It was tragic.

Everyone had died on baking powder.


But miraculously, they had accomplished their goal  

The $100000 was spent.

In only one night.


If you put your mind to something,

Nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal.