THE Rule

  It's happened.....I have become the ruler of the world and I want to be as succinct as possible about laws.  In other words, I think about what rule could really be easy to understand and cut right to the point for most people.   Well, if I was in charge I think the rule that I would want to attempt to govern with is this:  JUST BE NICE.  

  I have seen it on many bumper stickers and it strikes something with me.  I am a very no nonsense person, enormously practical and I tend to try to get right to the point in as few words as possible.  That is why I think this simple rule works for me.  It covers so much at once and it seems to me that this rule would make the world a better place and eliminate much of the conflict we see on a daily basis.  

  Of course, we would have to probably educate people on what being nice means- which might be more complicated than I think but if we could find a way to ingrain kindness, generosity and compassion and empathy  into every human being, I bet we would find that the world became a simpler place.