one time that i have had courage

one time that i have had courage to do something. One time i was with my dad at a play and i was the princess and that one time i was going to do it i kidof got stage fright then my dad was like go Sydney and i was like dad i cant then i hade a nuf courge to do it and me and my freind emma raspe and ava l where all playing in the play and the hole school was waching and thats when i did it and the hole croud cheerd for me and that was the best time because i actully did sopthing that i was not scard to do and ever sence that happend i have never been stage fright ever  right know.the one time that i was with my mom and i was graduwating from 4 grade i go stagr fright and that was when i had to say my speech and all the stafs and techers and kids that where there looked at me and my mom and dad and meme and gram was there and know i am just not scard and as bright and buttful as i haver ever been and that is what matters and that is good for me and all that i know and learn to do.well if you are stage fright then try to do it and you will secseed so plese just try to do this because ypu will make it to where you want to go and do what you want to do and i know that you dont know how i am but i am a nice person so belive me when i tll you this so really try your hardist to do it.