Courage: A fictional story

The day I found my courage, I found myself. I knew I found it, I felt courage in my mind and body. It's like I became knew person, a better person, a stronger person. My courage was always in me, like it is in you. It's inside of everyone, whether you found it or not. The day I found my courage, it's too long of a story to write, a brief summary is doable. Imagine you're in a school, sitting at a desk with your name on it. You make direct eye contact with the person next to you, they send you a glare but you try to ward off their negative forces by ignoring it and finishing the schoolwork in front of you. This kid next to you just won't look away, you break eye contact completely and just try to focus on your writing. But when the time came to go out to recess, things escalated very quickly.  As this person is walking towards you, You have to man up and take whatever they are throwing at you. You stand up, nice and tall, when they say two words no one can erase. Those dreaded words that would make the toughest person in the world flinch. "Big chungus." You run away hyperventilating as you dash with leaving everything behind, right into the road-