My connection with Jefferson

Like Thomas Jefferson I am also a great believer in hard work, however not so much luck. Since the moment I started playing basketball every one of my coaches told me that hard work pays off. Recently, I’ve started ninth grade, and high school basketball is a lot different than middle school ball, or elementary ball. My new high school coaches told our team that “the harder you work in practice, the more you get out of it in games.” At times you can also find yourself lucky in basketball games, like making the game winning shot. However, the game winning shot all started with how hard you worked in practice, and what you got out of it. In basketball, if you don’t work hard in practice, or you goof around, it really shows in the games. I think of lucky as school getting canceled, making varsity, or going to a concert. If you’ve ever watched a basketball game you may find that basketball isn't about luck, it’s more about skill, and effort. I’m an even greater believer of what you put into something. If you give a drill all you have, you’re not only improving, but you may also be helping your teammates improve. In conclusion, If you put a great deal of effort into something, you get a better outcome.