Last Soccer Game

Imagine your on a the A soccer team in your school you have been chosen to be on the best team, Well that was me when they called my name to be on the A team it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Imagine Working your hardest in every game and still not winning well that was also me, We played good games bad games games we should of won games were we had no chance. But all I cared about was doing my best to get better. Going into are last game we were 1/4/5 Everyone wanted to win so bad and after being scored on once people put their heads down like we had lost. In the second half I got put in and I knew I had to score so I put all the work I had used in the other games and doubled it and that was the first time I felt like a good player. I played right back so I wasn't supposed to do much attacking but I was doing whatever I could to get are team to tie it up. When we heard the final whistle we felt defeated it was are last chance to win and we didn't.