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ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th | Young Writers Project is encouraging students, teachers, writers, and anyone else to take time out from their busy schedules to write.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS | YWP is thrilled you are participating in Vermont (and NH!) Writes Day. Our suggestion is that you take 7 minutes during the day to just write. Use our prompts or write about any other topic you desire.
WRITE FOR 7 MINUTES | Use a pencil and paper, stone tablet and chisel, typewriter, audio recorder, your own Web site, or this site (since you're already here...), to create and post your work.

  • TO POST ON THIS SITE: Simply click "WRITE" at the top left of the page, give your piece a title, choose one of the Writes Day 2017 Tags, write or paste your piece in the "body", scroll down, complete the CAPTCHA (sorry) and SAVE.


  • NOTE: Once you save your piece you will not be able to edit it. Sorry about that. So look it over before clicking SAVE.


  • AUTHOR INFORMATION: At the bottom of the Create 2017 Post form you'll see we are asking for Author's name, school, grade and email. This is optional. Fill out only if you want YWP to consider the piece for publication later in a special issue of The Voice or with some of our media partners. NONE of the information can be seen once you save your piece.


  • READ SOMEONE ELSE'S PIECE: Click on the links above to read others' work. Leave comments, too, though be patient: The comments are being moderated to comb out all those lovely bot links.

SHARE | Find a way to share your work beyond! Join for more chances at publication!

LET US KNOW | If you or your school participates! Tell us a story or send a picture to or
APPRECIATE | Find a way to appreciate the efforts of your writers and the importance of writing. It is a key skill for learning, expressing oneself and for fully participating in community life.