Two strangers happen upon a bag of money while they're waiting for a train. Who are they? What do they do?


i was waiting for a train when i looked over and saw a gap in the floor so i walked over and looked in side and it was a big black bag so i grab it and looked in it what i find is amazing MONNEY millens of dollers so insted of waiting  for the train i went out of the train stashin and stertid buying stuf 

the time I missed the shot

the game of basketball was tomorrow. I was ready. I worked hard in practice I got a lot of shots I was the best on the team.I felt so great I went for a slam dunk bo ya I made it I felt so awsome I stared jumping in the air. novemder 25 tuseday the game. it was the secand half we were wining by two points. the other time was going for the shot but until I took it form there hands no one was on the other side of the cort i ran as fast as I could i jumped high in the air I went for a slam dunk two seconds on the clock one two the ball droped  I failed the team I I missed the shot that was game the other team won they won by one I just suck.

The Money Bag

Alen and Fred were best friends. Wherever Alen went, so did Fred. Wherever Fred went, so did Alen. They actually spent more time at each others houses than they did at their own! One day, Alen decided to take a trip to London. So of course Fred did too. Their train left at seven thirty pm, Tuesday, June ninteenth. They each bought their tickets and began packing. As soon as they finished, they met up at the station. 

"Hi Fred!" Said Alen.

"Hey Alen!" Said Fred.

Just as the train pulled up, they both noticed a mysterious brown sack at the left side of their platform. They didn't have to talk. They both ran over to the bag and grabbed it. It wasn't quite as heavy as they expected, but they knew what had to be inside. Money. Another thing I forgot to tell you is that they're both very poor. If there was a lot of money inside that bag, thay would both give it to their families and not need to worry about bills anymore. They exchanged glances and quickly boarded the train.

"All aboard!" Shouted the conducter as the train doors swung shut. The train began to move along the creaking tracks. First slowly, then fast. The two boys scrambled down the train isle into their compartment. They opened the brown bag of money and their jaws dropped. Inside the bag.....was one dollar.


Two guys named Tom and Michel, have been on the run for years. They were once waiting for the train and they happen to stumble around a bag of money. They look at each other in curosity. " Should we take it? I mean it's not that much..." Says Tom.

"Well I mean we should take it if no one will." said Michel. 

They took the bag of money and stuffed it there bright orange bag. Tom takes the bag and runs off, Michel behind. They realize that it was a trap. A person named Dr. Scorken has put them to jail. They know that there boss will be raging! Tom and Michel work for a secret company of criminals. 

Tom with a dirty black hoodie runs to the car not even thinking about his boss. Michel get is the car and takes the bag to see what is in it. 

"holy!!" Says Michel 

"This is one million dollars!" Michel says in such shock.

"Well who cares right know, Dr. Scorken is after us..." Says Tom in a angry and happy voice. 

They go as far away as possible in their volts wagon, it does not come up to them that they are to far away from their job. This is when they start running away from everyone just because of a moneybag. Bad things will ruin your life.

money bag

SO these two man got found a bag of money and brought it on the train with them.A lot of people stared at it.One of the men said "We should get off soon,to many people are staring.Then the 2 man said "Yeah we should". So they got off and went home, both of them split the money.That was  100,000,000,000 $  that's a lot of money!  they had a good life,they never got caught. The End

Finding Money

I was waiting for a train and started pacing back and forth.  I noticed a strange duffle bag inside of a hole.  I wondered to myself what could be in that bag.  I got a piece of rope and tied one end of it to a nearby pole. The other end of the rope I tied around my chest, and slowly climbed down into the hole.  As I reached the bottom and picked up the bag.  I slowly unzipped the bag and found that the bag was full of $100 bills. Some random stranger pulled me back out of the hole.  I climbed on board a train bound for Chicago.  I use the money to buy an apartment for myself.  I also decided to purchase a monster truck.  After this I lived happily ever after.

SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once I was going downtown to go spend the money that I got from work. I say a HUGE black bag and di not touch because I was alone. I saw that the bad was sort of stuffed and that it was weird shaped. I also noticed that the bag could have had a bomb in them. I open the bag I then at that time I knew I was rich. Later I went to go spend it and now you might know me but do you.

Those Boys

"No that's completely inaccurate. Time travel is impossible."

"Not true what so ever it is possible." I rolled my eyes. That was one pointless conversation. They're wasting their time talking about that. I looked over at them. They're done now. Now they're debating about football and girls. Classic. I waited for the subway (or train whatever you want to call it) to come. It was later than usual. My bag was heavy on my arm. I wish that I could just wear a backpack but in New York if you have a backpack you'll get mugged. I looked over at those boys again. I had never seen them before but they looked my age. I looked back at where the subway would soon be. It was taking forever. I could still hear those boys debating. They were so loud. But then they stopped. I looked over again and they were holding something. It looked like a huge purse. They opened it and pulled out money. They high fived each other. Oh my gosh. They must've stolen it. I started to walk over. But than the train came. Oh great! They ran inside. I also ran inside. I couldn't find them though. I sat down. I wish I had talked to them, to get them to leave it and not steal it. How selfish. 


how I saved a mans life

one day I was wating for my train. wile I was waiting I started to look around, in the cornner of my eye I spotted something in a vent on the wall. I walked over to the vent, there was a black bag with some stuff that looked like money so I opened the the bag and guess what was in there, MONEY there had to be at least 500 $100 ills in there right as I took it out a guy in a black hoodie took the bag from my hands and ran. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happend. I RAN. the man was fast but I waas faster as I started to get closer he slowed down and realized what had happend. the man who had taked the bag was a poor man, he begged me to have the bag, he said that he had a family to feed and he might not survive the winter. I told him he could have the bag he thanked me and walked away. but 2 monthes later after winter I saw him with a happy family. thats how I saved a mans life.   

The money bag soccer edition

The whole team was driving to this fancy Italian restaurant we had just won the FA cup! my dream had come true. ever since I was a kid I  have always wanted to play professional soccer. So when Caleb, Liam, and I were invited to play for the Arsenal Youth Academy we were the happiest kids in the world and now we had just won the Fa cup! we got to the restaurant and I still couldn't pronounce the name. I ordered a spaghetti as usual. we all at and then went back to the car. Liam, Caleb, and I went back to our house to have a good night sleep. but when we got to our house there were two bags right on our doorstep. which was very odd because almost no one knew our address apart from family and close friends. we went to open the bags and they were filled with €200 euro bills. 

"Is this real?" asked Liam.

"I think so" I replied.