Thomas Jefferson said, "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." Write about a situation in which you, or a character you create, put a lot of work into something, and then luck seems to follow.


Thomas Jefferson said, "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." Write about a situation in which you, or a character you create, put a lot of work into something, and then luck seems to follow.

the man who changed the world

I think that Thomas Jefferson is very important in the USA. He was the third president and was an American Founding Father as well as the "principal author of the Declaration of Independence " (Wikipedia). Thomas was born on April 13th, 1743, and he died on July 4th, 1826. All in all, Thomas was a very important man.

thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a great man. He wrote the Declaration Of Independence, and served as the third president of the United States Of America. His birthday actually changed for some reason I forgot. He had lots of children and wifes. His dad and mom both died by the time he was 14. He was the oldest of all his brothers and sisters. Overall I think Thomas was a great man.

My connection with Jefferson

Like Thomas Jefferson I am also a great believer in hard work, however not so much luck. Since the moment I started playing basketball every one of my coaches told me that hard work pays off. Recently, I’ve started ninth grade, and high school basketball is a lot different than middle school ball, or elementary ball. My new high school coaches told our team that “the harder you work in practice, the more you get out of it in games.” At times you can also find yourself lucky in basketball games, like making the game winning shot. However, the game winning shot all started with how hard you worked in practice, and what you got out of it. In basketball, if you don’t work hard in practice, or you goof around, it really shows in the games. I think of lucky as school getting canceled, making varsity, or going to a concert. If you’ve ever watched a basketball game you may find that basketball isn't about luck, it’s more about skill, and effort. I’m an even greater believer of what you put into something. If you give a drill all you have, you’re not only improving, but you may also be helping your teammates improve. In conclusion, If you put a great deal of effort into something, you get a better outcome.



I remember that one year I had almost gave up on taekwondo, taekwondo is a martial arts form. The reason because it was getting much harder and I was not prepared for being a higher belt but I was trying to keep in my head that I should keep going so I just kept going and pushed myself to the limits and I have grown much from that time and now I am dedicated to get to much higher ranks like black belt and probably in a year and a half I will be getting to black belt. From there I believe I will never give up unless I have a illness that will not allow me to practice taekwondo anymore so now I believe if you try or practice hard and long enough you will stick with it

A Soccer Game

It was two years ago, my soccer team and I have been winning some pretty crucial games this season. We had a good record but were a young and inexperienced team. We knew we had to work hard to have a successful season but the other teams didn't know who we were because our eleven starters were young. We came out as the 2th seed going into playoffs and the team was determined to make it to the finals. Our first two playoff games were easy, we destroyed both teams. We had not had a hard game since regular season so as we cam into the semi-finals we were nervous to play Stowe, a team that we had barley won against in the regular season. We had home field advantage since we were the higher seed and we were all getting into the game zone to try and beat them.


Will Robertson lived in the heart of Ireland. He first heard of leprechauns in a children's book when he was seven and had been captivated ever since. He was  32 now and a professor at one of ireland's worst colleges, he taught mythology and loved his job. Although he was a good professor he couldn't get into a good college. All because of his need to teach the world about leprechauns.

Once during a class at the college he attended during a lecture he had a urge to stand up and tell everyone that leprechauns were real. So that's exactly what he did, he stood up on his chair and started yelling about leprechauns. It got so bad that campus security had to detain a screaming, writhing will.

One night he had a urge to look outside and there it was a leprechaun.


“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it,”

Mackenzie and her class were reading a book about Thomas Jefferson. They were all reading aloud and Mackenzie just so happened to read that specific part. Maybe I’m lucky she thought. She thought of the possible things that could happen from luck. Mackenzie can’t think of anything. Maybe luck could be as simple as being naturally good at a sport, or just all of sudden becoming smart. Mackenzie didn’t really know if she was lucky or anything had happened to her because of luck. Well I mean I am fortunate to have a stable family and a roof over my head. She thought, but she didn’t know if that was luck or something else. Mackenzie didn’t really focus on things other than her school work but now she was determined to find out one thing she was lucky to have that nobody else did. Jefferson did say that the more he worked hard the more luck he had,so maybe I have to wait. She thought. But then something else popped into Mackenzies mind, the lottery! She knew when she got home she was going to ask her parents to get 5 mega million tickets and 5 powerball. I work hard, so maybe winning the lottery is a bonus for my family's hard work.

Later that day when Mackenzie got home she gave her parents money to get the tickets, they went out to get the tickets while Mackenzie stayed home and did some research on the odds in winning the lottery. 300,000,000 to 1! That is crazy. I don’t NEED to win the lottery, I am thankful for what I have.

Last Soccer Game

Imagine your on a the A soccer team in your school you have been chosen to be on the best team, Well that was me when they called my name to be on the A team it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Imagine Working your hardest in every game and still not winning well that was also me, We played good games bad games games we should of won games were we had no chance. But all I cared about was doing my best to get better. Going into are last game we were 1/4/5 Everyone wanted to win so bad and after being scored on once people put their heads down like we had lost. In the second half I got put in and I knew I had to score so I put all the work I had used in the other games and doubled it and that was the first time I felt like a good player. I played right back so I wasn't supposed to do much attacking but I was doing whatever I could to get are team to tie it up. When we heard the final whistle we felt defeated it was are last chance to win and we didn't.

Be Prepared

I work hard when I play basketball. I take it very seriously and practice a lot. In September, I tried out for VT Elite basketball. I played hard when I was trying out. About a week later there was another tryout session. I missed the second tryouts. Even though I missed the second tryouts, one of the VT Elite coaches still contacted my mom about practice. I think that I got lucky that I made the team. The reason I think that I made the team (even though I missed the second tryouts) is because I played hard at the first tryouts. This proves that the harder you work, the more luck you have.