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What Should I do

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you did not know what to do and you did not know what was going to happen? Well one day I found myself feeling that way. I was waiting for the bus all by myself. It was a gloomy day and I was going down to the market for some tomatoes, lemons, and and sausage. My and I father have always made dinner together. Our mom left for the army when I was three and I miss her very much. I go to a public school and I do pretty well grades wise. I was a pretty normal kid till that Tuesday night when I lost everything. It all started with my crazy cat Fifi, she did not get much attention and she was sick of it. On that night she turned on the stove and an hour or so after the house was on fire. We did not have any phones to call for help and I knew that I had to get out. I could not go down the steps so I did not know what to do, jump out the window? Or should I go get my dad?            

The Forest of the Brave

      I wake up to the sound of a scream. I look around. I'm in the woods?! I'm confused yet I don't feel scared. I search my head to my toes. I pinch myself just to assure this isn't a dream. And of course, it's not. I lift myself from the ground. I hear the same scream, but this time it was more of a high-pitch crying noise. And of course, stupid little me goes to explore it anyways. I pull my jeans up right underneath my belly-bottom and grab a stick off of the ground just to get the adrenaline pumping. I walk as I always do, fearless and sassy. I move the plants and tree branches out of my way with the stick I had been carrying to get the video-game type vibe.

Walking in the Forest

so one time there where 2 girls named lily and molly and they where walking in the forest to there car they just came form there friends  house  and they where  haring  stuff they kept  walking faster and they heard it again there stared running it was there friend max he was trying  to be than the girls got to there car and lily was going to drop of molly at home so she was and when they were driving the car behind them where beeping a lot and flashing there lights

Fleeting Hope

I saw a shooting star today.

A short glowing streak slicing across the dark night.

Such occurrences are rare in this city.

I closed my eyes, gripped my hands together, and made a couple wishes.

“Please, get me out of this place.”

“Please, give me what it takes to get through this.”

“Please, let me go home.”

I opened my eyes, and looked out at the smoky sky.

Another streak followed.

The neighbors were flicking cigarette butts out the window.

It seems that happiness doesn’t come so easily around here.

I don't know what to do

I don't know what to write. I guess I will just say what I did today/ do tomorrow. I had P.E today. I got 4,967 steps in 35 minutes, not enough? Try it for yourself if you think you can beat that. I also played zombie tag today with the boys, sadly I got tagged and I had to tag other people. I failed misrably. We had math today, I worked with my partner and planned a presentation for a math fair in school. I got an anxiety attack in foreign lauguage, and the teacher said that I had to say "hello" in french (Bonjour). I am going to have a play date with someone tomorrow, we are going to work and play some games. Like the nintendo switch, WiiU, and etc. I am going to play roblox with my other friend, SlashX. A fun game where you have to get other people. I asked my crush if he liked me with a note. He didn't answer yet, but hopefully he will. Write now, (Heh, get it? Write? Right?!) I am typing this because my teacher wants me to so then people can read this, but I don't want anybody to see mine. Okay, since I told you everything, I will now tell you some facts about me! 1#, I love dark magenta and black! Those colors make me want to get revenge on someone who did something bad to me. 2#, I used to love eating myself, like eat my finger skin (sorry if it's graphic). 3#, I want to become a YTber or a scientist when I grow up. 4#, I have a YT channel named "Angela Pan". Not amazing, but I would love if you subscribed, I want at least 100 subs when I turn 12. 5#, I'm asian. I'm not saying where I'm from (for personal reasons). Okay, I have to go! Bye!!! :) :3 <3

The Taiga of Hidden Knowledge

I was running through the forest, I felt the moss's moisture bleed through into my toes as I ran. As I looked behind me I could see that the pack had been following with great speed. After slowing her pace she let the wolves catch up and she kept on walking. The rocks that outlined the top of the waterfall were in sight, so she headed that way. She had never been here before so she was catious about if there were any dangers in the area the were currently entering. Once she and the wolves had arrived at the top of the waterfall she sat down on a flattish rock that from there she could overlook the waterfall and all of the forest's animals that came to drink out of it. As she lay back onto the rock she let the wolves walk up to her and lick her face. Then she did a count check to make sure that none of the wolves had gotten lost. She said out the names." Basil, Flake, Wink, Sage, Tucker, and Pearl." She said. Thank god none of her wolves had gotten hurt. She let the wolves lay on and around her as she fell dozed off to sleep.

Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program

It was the summer of 2018 and I was a part of Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program. The play we were doing was Monty Python’s Spamalot and I was attracted to the boy who had been gifted the part of King Arthur. It was a week before the opening night and we were doing a performance to advertise not only the show but the program as well. One of the songs we performed in the near end of the show was titled I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book. The boy who I was attracted to, whose name was TOJ and had been assigned to stand right in front of me, was going to sing as the character King Louis. TOJ and his older brother JAMR, who sang the part of Bloo, were to do the scat part together, and the parts of the scat when TOJ sang made me like him more and more. Once I Wanna B Like You was over the last song not related in Monty Python’s Spamalot was performed. (I sure many people know about The Lion King.) The last unrelated song was Be Prepared from The Lion King which they had performed at Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program the year before I joined. The director, and the music director and I all agreed to the plan that I could stand off to the side during Be Prepared so I could use the song as a time machine two years back to when I was in sixth grade when we performed The Lion King at Thetford Elementary School and my friends Tate Whiteburg, Gretta Koppers, Jessica Smith, and I were playing the parts of elephant bones in that scene of TES’s production of The Lion King. Who knows where I am now I just hope that future generations can have some of the same experiences I had at Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program.

boy next door

As I walk out of my house a cloud of anger and confusion swirled around me like a tornado. I had fallen in love with Grey and If anyone finds out about It I am dead. No one knows that I am gay. This secret is going to kill me at some point. I am one of the most popular boys in my school and almost every girl in my school likes me. You could say I am a chick magnet….

Unfortunately. Grey, on the other hand, is the total opposite. Instead of girls liking him they are scared of him. He is like a girl repellent. He rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket. You would think girls would fall head over heels for him but no. I don’t think he has ever even dated anyone which is a shock to me because you should just see him.


“Where am I?” Kaya asks herself as she wakes up in a dark room. She sees a faint outline of a person she walks over slowly. “Hello?” she asks there was no answer. She walks over and trips falling into what was only a mannequin. She stands up leaving the mannequin on the ground. She tries to remember what happened before coming here but all that she can think of is her pounding headache. She finds a wall and runs her hands along it to walk she finds a flashlight taped to the wall. She tries the flashlight and it works but it is very dark still almost as if the ceiling lights were sending out dark matter. Kaya finds a door with a lock she goes around the creepy room and she realizes she is in the back of a store. All of a sudden Kaya jumps at the phone ringing she walks towards the noise and goes to a dead end. Kaya doesn’t think much about it and worries more about how to get out. She finds a cash register and opens it thinking there may be a key to the door. There are only money and no more than $200. Then come in two police officers with guns she put her hands up confused. The handcuffed her and she said she was innocent the cops did not talk and put her in there car and drove away.


Kaya Michaels went to jail for a lifetime sentence for the murder of a dress shop owner and robbery of a dress shop.

Midnight at Charingtons

July 7th. It was a windy night. I was house sitting for a family friend. They owned a large house, with a pool and a basketball court. My reponsibilties included the following: care for the dogs, clean the pool, mow lawn, and leave the house as it had been when I arrived. I was halfway through my week of house sitting. This particular evening, I decided to complete a puzzle. It was of a barn with maple trees in the background. All three dogs were sprawled out on the couch, while I sat at a desk by the windows. I had only three lights on in the entire house. The kitchen, the porch, and a lamp in the gathering room, where I was. I had maybe ten pieces left, when the phone rang. It was a wall phone, because the owners of the house were old fashioned folks. I rushed to pick up the phone. “Hello?” silence. “Hello?” I said once more. Then a lady’s voice, a computer lady’s voice blasted through the phone, making me jump a little. “Were sorry, the number you dialed has been disconnected. Try again.” I hung up. My evening would’t go uninterrupted after all. I sat down at my desk again. Just as I felt a rush of comfort, the phone rang again. I decided to leave it. The weather was probably messing with the power lines, it happens a lot in our town. One ring. Two rings. Then it stopped. Three pieces left, the phone rang again. Now I had been irritated enough. I answered the call ready to yell at whoever was on the other line. “Hello?” I asked, maybe not so politley. The woman’s voice started up again. I hung up and opened the clocet where the lines were. I disconnected the phone. I went back to finish my puzzle, but was a bit shaken when I saw that my last three pieces were gone. I thought maybe one of te dogs had eaten them, but the dogs remained asleep where they were before. I checked the time. It was 10:34. Late enough for me. I brushed it off and headed upstairs for bed. I called the dogs to come with me. As if the night couldn’t disturb my peace any more, I heard a crash from downstairs where I was before. I rushed down, and was surprised to find that the puzzle was wrecked. And pieces of it formed a trail which led to the basement door. I opened it, and flicked on the light. My footseps echoed. Only one of the dogs followed me. And ironically, it was the pomeranian. I was scared. I turned the corner, and on the floor in front of me was the puzzle. Excpet it wasn’t a barn. There was no maple trees. It was a picture of myslef. And there was someone behind me, holding what looked like...a knife? I turned around, but it was too late.